I am an artist based in Los Angeles, where I also was born and raised.

I have a BA in history from Brown University, and studied painting in the certificate program at the New York Studio School.

To me, the studies of historical mythmaking and of figurative painting share a fundamental skepticism of assumed truth:

a reverence for the epistemological value of that truth, matched with a desire to find spaces where interpretations of objective facts become their own realities.

Drawing and painting give me language to wrestle this conundrum physically, parsing what’s seen and what’s believed outside the words that bind us to our mythologies.

I feel influenced by the experimental drawing of R.B. Kitaj, the fragmented rhythms of Romare Bearden, the secrecy of Vermeer, and the magical naturalism of Bonnard.

I’m amused and intrigued by mundane, transitory moments that don’t lend themselves easily to narrative, yet make up the majority of our time.


rhlevinson at gmail dot com